FREE Modules

AvaDent Digital Education Solutions is proud to announce the release of our new FREE Educational Modules, on October 1, 2015.

When you login, you will see a row of complimentary modules that you can access. Here you will find a suite of products containing a wealth of information about the AvaDent process, clinical protocols and instructions on how to get started. You will also have access to our University Education module that contains our proprietary Virtual Articulator and 3D Tooth Arrangement software.

You also have access to our FREE AvaDent Animations, that can be viewed in office, or placed on your website.

**These animations are also in Case Genius, Show&Tell and Website Content Modules, so if you have these modules, you don’t need to do anything else!

Free Modules
The free modules will appear in the top row of your product page.
1. About AvaDent
2. AvaDent Doctor Education
3. AvaDent Lab Education
4. AvaDent University Education
5. AvaDent Patient Education
Tutorials are available at the top right corner in a pull-down menu. These contain detailed instructions on each module.
Video Overview

Click on the image, to watch a video that provides an overview of the new educational mod

New Announcement


We are very excited to announce that Global Dental Science, has acquired My Dental Hub and its team members.


Global Dental Science is the manufacturer of AvaDent Digital Dentures, and is a leader in digital dental technology and education. Global Dental Science is a US based company, and has already expanded into the European marketplace. This acquisition will allow for the growth of educational offerings, including expansion into international regions.


This change in ownership will not change the services you have, however, the product will now be called AvaDent Digital Education Solutions. The new website is We are in the process of updating our website and content to reflect the new change. You will be able to login to your account at


This is a very positive step forward for Global Dental Science.  We hope that you will continue to enjoy the services we offer and we look forward to sharing the new and exciting developments we have planned. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-877-789-4448, or by email at


Stay tuned for updates!!




The Team

Global Dental Science

AvaDent Digital Education Solutions


Social Media Best Practices

So, you took the first step. After reading our earlier blog post Social Media: Why you Need It and How to Use It, you decided to get serious. Your business now has a login for a handful of free, online social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

What next?

My Dental Hub social media best practices

Once you’ve developed a presence on the above social media networks, there are a few quick and easy ways to maximize your online presence.

Social Media Best Practices

  1. Use a uniform logo across all social media platforms. This consistency will help you grow your brand.
  2. Read and re-read all of the posted information to make sure it’s correct. Double check spelling, office hours, your business phone number and address. With uniform and accurate information, Google can connect the dots between all of your business social media platforms, thus optimizing your online presence.
  3. Last tip: it shouldn’t be (and isn’t) all about you. Seriously. Sometimes the best way to market your brand is to offer continuing education to your clients, not just promotional sales. (Psss..this is also great for search engine optimization!)

The general rule is 20/80. Twenty percent of your posts can be advertising your company and services, the other 80% should be offering tools, tips, and education to your followers.

Curious to know more? We recommend this Social Media Beginner’s Guide.

In short, use the free social marketing platforms that are out there, and use them well, with these best practices.

Creating a unified brand consistent between each social media platform will benefit your business and your branding, as well as increase your business’s search engine optimization.

The more outlets used to get your business name out there, the better.

~Reena Gajjar

53% Increase with Patient Acceptance using My Dental Hub!

My Dental Hub Dental Marketing

Are case acceptance rates a challenge for you and your practice? If so, you’re not alone.

Each week in the office brings too many tasks and too little time, but patient education doesn’t have to be on your to-do list. That’s where My Dental Hub can help.

Dr. Mark Cohen of Los Angeles, California has experienced the benefits of My Dental Hub for himself, “Using My Dental Hub videos allows me to explain and SELL a detailed treatment plan of dental implants+a fixed bridge+bone grafting in LESS than 3 minutes! I can’t imagine fumbling with models, drawings, and waving hands again! I am SOLD!”

Lighten the load for your staff. With a variety of tools, animations, and videos, My Dental Hub offers patient resources that educate each patient about their needed procedure in a way that is efficient and effective.

The tools are clear, concise, and thorough. Rather than spending hours educating your patients each week on the whys and the hows, allow My Dental Hub to do it for you.

The greatest news of all? It works. In a recent survey conducted with My Dental Hub users, dentists experienced an average case acceptance increase of 53%!

Check out our testimonials page for more information on what My Dental Hub can do for you, including a FREE trial!

~Reena Gajjar

The 1 Essential Business Budgeting Tip

My Dental Hub business budget

A new year, a new budget. Every successful business plans ahead, and yours should be no exception. Here is the one essential tip to budget for your business successfully in 2015.

The One Essential Tip? Plan for Increases

As often as a returning patient walks through the office door your business fees should be increasing: every six months.

Sally McKenzie of McKenzie Management recommends in Ten Steps to Solid Fees For Your Dental Practice establishing a base cost for each service offered, and then increasing it twice per year–2% initially followed by a 3% increase six months later. This 5% mark up will make a substantial difference in your bottom line at the end of the year.

A smart budget needs to be regularly visited (and revisited) to change and improve company plans based upon current realities and the overarching visions and goals.

Additional Questions to Keep in Mind

  • Have lab costs risen within the last six months?
  • Do you need to buy new equipment for your office this year?
  • With which procedures are you making the most profit? The least? Where do the profit possibilities lie?
  • What money has been set aside for marketing?

In addition to questions to consider while creating your budget, keep in mind the importance of your competitors prices, patient fees, and general employee happiness.Your patient fees should be within reach of similar businesses nearby.

And, happy employees make for happy patients! Save on turnover and training costs by being generous to your existing and new employees.

Feeling Intimidated?

Use budgeting tools. There are plenty of online options for tracking business expenses and revenue if numbers are intimidating to you. Check out some of these online resources that are customized to business budgeting.

The new year is a time to re-evaluate your business goals, and your financial strategy in place to achieve these goals. While it may seem daunting at first, budgeting will be even more daunting if your budget is developed reactively rather than proactively.

To find out more about budgeting for a small business, check out this recent article by Inc.

Smart businesses plan, and they plan for success.

~Reena Gajjar

Social Media: Why You Need It & How To Use It

My Dental Hub social media icons

Social media is the way of today and the way of the future.

A recent poll by HubSpot found that “92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites.”

The more visitors to your website, the more likely you are to receive new clients.

One of the biggest perks of using social media? Most of the outlets are free! The use of Google+, twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can all drive website traffic, you just need to know how to use them effectively.

Let’s detail the Big 4 platforms here.


While Google+ isn’t as popular as other social media outlets, it’s just as important for your web presence. Google uses Google+ as a component of their search algorithm.

What does that mean for you? The more you post to Google+, the more likely you are to show up in the Google search engine.


LinkedIn is a professional social network that can be great for just that–professional networking. Connect with general dentists or orthodontists in your area to gain referrals and trust.

Facebook & Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are where you will currently get the most bang for your buck. It is most advantageous if your followers on both Facebook and Twitter are “liking” and “sharing” your posts.

This engagement allows for a reach beyond your current clientele, increasing the likelihood of new clients.

Check back on our blog in a couple weeks for even more helpful information on social media and how your business can use it effectively.

~Reena Gajjar

Your Dental New Year’s Resolutions Should Work for You

We are all human, right? We start the year (or end the year) with grand New Year’s resolutions for what we want to accomplish next. Our dental practices are no exception—we have huge dreams of where we imagine our businesses going but usually fall short a few steps into the new year. How do we make a change?

My Dental Hub New Year’s ResolutionsHow do we make our resolutions work for us?

Knowing Where You’re Headed

Preparation is key. We need to take an honest look at where our practices stand right now. This is not the most fun thing to do. It might even be discouraging for some. But, this is our starting point—not our end goal.

Then, we need a very clear picture of where we imagine our offices going in the future. Go ahead and think big—there are no wrong answers here. Just remember, these are goals that you want to see through to completion…not fantasies like winning the lottery.

Take your time with this step. The more specific you are, the better. If you want more referrals this year, ask yourself—how many new referrals per month? How much time and money are you willing to spend on achieving that goal?


Even if you just keep these resolutions in a to-do list app on your phone, they should be measurable. Did you accomplish the goal or not? How do you know?

Keep in mind, sharing these goals with your dental staff builds a team mentality—you are not alone in trying to create the impossible. Your office is working with you. Maybe post those goals in your office somewhere where those you work with can see your progress and keep you accountable.

It always feels good to check things off lists, doesn’t it? I think that’s a pretty universal human trait. Let’s help each other check more things off our lists this year, shall we?

Now that you have a plan in place, we would love to help you achieve your practice goals. Give us a call today and see what great things some about!

~Reena Gajjar

What’s Your Dental Practice Style? Solo Or Group?

Whether you are just starting your dental practice or looking to make a major change in the way you do business, the question of whether you should go it alone or form a group practice comes up a lot. It’s a valid question.

My Dental Hub Solo or Group Practice

Flying Solo

According to this Dentistry IQ article, 86 percent of dentists in the United States are practicing independently. Is it because they don’t “play” well with others? Probably not. Dentistry is a recession-proof business growing at a rate of more than 5 percent per year. Great news for all you entrepreneurs out there!

There Is a “But…”

But, group practices are on the rise for a few reasons. First, you can pool your resources with other doctors. As I am sure you are aware, dental school student loan debt is very high, and sharing the load of your dental practice makes the work a whole lot more manageable.

Dentistry always seems to follow medical trends. There’s so much more governmental oversight these days, and third-party PPOs are only gaining more power. Maybe the smartest choice is to work together.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but it helps to do your research and understand what you are getting yourself into.

~Reena Gajjar

Leading or Managing? What’s the difference?

Management is the ability to coordinate a defined set of tasks. Good managers find ways to do this more efficiently than their competitors. Is this the only way to do business?


Risky Business

Leadership is about building a team that is so good, you only need to “get out of your own way,” according to Seth Godin. Real leadership is about overseeing growth, not coordinating tasks.

Sometimes, trusting others with your business feels like a huge risk. But if you are clear about your goals and expectations, it is easier to get the right people on your team. This makes all the difference.

Trusting Your Team

I found this great video on the difference between managing and leading. I hope that you find it helpful!

Don’t procrastinate about your goals for your business. As the saying goes, “A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today!” What small changes can you make that put you in more of a leadership role—rather than just a manager?

~Reena Gajjar

Staff Meetings Done Well

You know the drill: you schedule a staff meeting for your dental practice, and you feel a collective eye roll from your support staff. Why do meetings seem to be so draining and unproductive?

Misguided Meetings

According to surveys by the Wharton Center for Applied Research, managers report that only 56% of their meetings are productive—and that 25% would have been more effective as conference calls, memos, e-mails, or voicemails. Conclusion: the cost of misguided meetings is high. - Karen Carney

Let’s Stay on Track

My Dental Hub Staff MeetingListening to your staff is key here. Why do your meetings seem so draining, exactly? Are they too long? Does the meeting seem to wander aimlessly? Is one person doing all the talking?

Here are four things to keep in mind before you set your next meeting:

  1. Blocking out a specific (and short) amount of time for meetings and sticking to it is just a considerate thing to do. Everyone’s time is valuable.
  2. Be up-front about what needs to be accomplished, decided, or delegated during the meeting. A clear agenda set before the meeting and sent to everyone involved indicates that you are ready to get things done.
  3. Get everyone involved in running your meetings. Assign a new person to take notes each time you meet.
  4. Follow up! At the start of each meeting, take time to follow up on what has been accomplished since your last staff meeting. It gives everyone a sense of direction and accomplishment.

Keeping your objective clear and making sure that everyone is involved in the process will definitely speed up your meetings, and you can avoid those eye rolls and yawns next time you ask for your dental staff’s time.

~Reena Gajjar