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Want to Find Out if Web Site Content Videos Can be Placed on Your Site?

Placing patient education videos on your website is like having your own online patient education center!

Web Site Content is your virtual online patient education center to help patients better understand treatment recommendations.

Your website is your virtual front door. Wouldn’t it be pretty amazing if you could greet your visitors with a state-of-the-art online patient education center? With Web Site Content, that’s exactly what you could do!

Make your website stand out from the competition with a selection of over 280 animations and videos to embed directly into your own website. Or, use our super cool Treatment Viewer to place the entire library of animations and videos onto your website for your patients to browse. Either way, that virtual patient education center that has you dreaming a bit can be up and running on your website in no time at all!

With Web Site Content, you’ll make an impression that will last!

It’s so simple to explain and show procedures. Clients appreciate the simple explanations. By showing the visual animations, we have found that patients are accepting treatments more readily. - Dr. Azeem Sheikh, Brampton Dental Arts

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