Become your patient’s Superhero with Case Genius!

Patients will better understand your treatment recommendations
with these awesome patient education tools!

Case Genius (formerly Patient Education) is an online subscription module that enables your practice to:

  • print and email over 150 documents,
  • show over 320 amazing high quality videos and email each one to your patients or in the waiting room,
  • customize documents and presentations

Everything that is printed and emailed in Case Genius is stored in your patient’s chart history.

Your patients will tell friends about their super smart dentist; your competitors will be scratching their thinking caps, now that’s genius!


All of your patient’s information is stored in a secure cloud. You won’t have to install anything, and you can have unlimited dentists and staffs users per practice account. If you are an organization with multiple practices, please contact us for more details. You can access your account online in the top right hand corner of our web site.